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Ready for Red Cup Season? Us too!  Our favorite way to warm up on a winter day is with a delicious peppermint mocha. Bring that intoxicating scent of refreshing peppermint and dark chocolate blended with creamy vanilla and coffee beans into your space. This is the perfect blissful winter candle to comfort and warm your home this season!


6 oz. Soy Melt:

Wholesale: $7.00 each, set of 3.

Suggest Retail: $14.00 each.


8 oz. Black Travel Tin:

Wholesale: $7.50 each, set of 5.

Suggest Retail: $15.00 each.


12 oz. Clear Tumbler:

Wholesale: $11.00 each, set of 4.

Suggested Retail: $22.00 each.


16 oz. Dough Bowl:

Wholesale: $24.00 each, set of 2.

Suggest Retail: $48.00 each.

Peppermint Mocha

PriceFrom $21.00