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What are your minimums?

Our total order minimums are $375 for opening order + $200 for re-orders. Every product has a required minimum as well, please see each individual product for this. 

Do you offer custom labels?

We do! We will work with you to design a label that best fits your business. If you're interested in custom labels, please add into your notes section at the time of contact. There is an additional $50 one time fee for custom labels that will be invoiced before shipment.

Can I customize my candle names?

Of course! You can stick with our current label design but customize the name to fit your shop location better, this a partial one-time custom fee of $20. If you're wanting a different name, just add it in the notes at the time of checkout!

Will any of my products be substituted without my knowledge?

If we have to make any substitutions to your order, it will be only after notifying you and getting the okay! Please see our "Substitutions + Back Orders" section below for more information.

What are product's MSRP?

Most items at our shop are suggested at a 200% markup from the wholesale cost. These prices are only suggestions and based upon what we sell them as retail, you are free to decide your own price.

Can I customize wax color?

You have an option between plain white wax or set color for each fragrance. We generally do not customize color unless it's a minimum of a large quantity. Some items can not be colored - Dough Bowls + Tins - and are white by default.

Please email us at before placing your order if you'd like a custom color.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Please contact us within 72 hours of placing your order at

for a refund. Please see our policy on "Returns + Exchanges" for further details.

What are your candles made of?

Our candles are 100% soy wax produced in the Midwest; 

organic cotton wicks dipped in soy wax; phthalate-free, paraben-free premium fragrance;

and non-toxic dyes. As all natural as a candle can be. 

What is the shipping cost?

We charge 10% of your total order for shipping. We ship everything via UPS. Or you may pickup at our Indiana location for free. Please see "Processing + Shipping" section below for further details.

What is your turn around time?

We hand pour everything at the time of your order, so your order can take up to 2 weeks to ship + up to 4 weeks to ship during peak season. Please see Processing + Shipping section below for further details.

What is your refund policy?

If you receive damaged product, please see our policy below on "Returns + Exchanges" for further details. 

What if I need my order by a certain date?

Please, please, please

e-mail us at before placing your order if you need it by a specific date. We can't guarantee anything after the fact, so please reach out so we can give you a correct estimated time. Please understand that we're trying to be fair as possible to all of our customers in this regard! 

All-Natural Ingredients + 100% ALWAYS Soy Wax


Since we do not use any additives to our candles + only natural ingredients, any candle product with vanilla fragrance will discolor in direct sunlight over time. "Frosting" can occur with any colored soy candle as it interacts with different temperatures.


Another attribute to natural soy candles are occasional "wet" spots. These wet spots are due to the shrinking of wax due to temperature changes. These spots don't effect the pour + quality of the candle, it's just a simple side effect of soy candles + shipping.


Over 80% of our fragrances are hand blend in-house, that means you won't find the same scents elsewhere. We also hand pour all of candle products, some candles may have a little more wax than others - your customers just get a little bonus!

Processing + Shipping

We are still a very small business in that there are only 3 of us - Alex, Sam + Sherrie. We hand pour + label every candle product at the time of order processing, we don't pull from a stockpile. During the candle seasons - Fall + Winter - it can take us up to a month to complete an order. We understand this seems like a long wait time, we try our very best! We do not offer the opportunity to jump ahead in order, it is first come + first serve to maintain fairness. 

We ship all products via UPS for a flat rate of 10% of an order. We will invoice you the shipping cost once we receive the order, we apologize for the inconvenience - our site store is calculating at a higher rate and we're working on fixing this! Orders will be shipped once the invoiced shipping has been paid. We do not make any profit on shipping costs. We do offer local pick-up at our shop in Indiana at no cost.

returns + exchanges

DAMAGED RETURNS  : Sometimes during shipment, things do get damaged - may it get wet, dropped, etc. - so please e-mail us at and let us know as soon as possible! We want to get any defective productive exchanged as soon as possible. We do not accept returns based upon vanilla discoloration, frosting or "wet" spots as these occur naturally and there is no way to prevent them. If you do not wish to have them replaced, your Cedar Creek Candles account will be credit the total for these items minimize the cost of shipping. Your account will be credit once we've received defective products. Since our items are handmade, we do not offer cash refunds. 

ORDER CANCELLATION + MODIFICATIONS : Please contact us within 72 hours

of placing your order if you'd like to cancel or make any modifications any orders. We unfortunately do not offer refunds for cancelled orders after 72 hours. 

Substitutions + BACK ORDERS

SUBSTITUTIONS  : We try to avoid this at all costs! If we have to substitute a jar or lid finish, we will contact you first! For example, our Coffee House candles are traditionally made in Amber tumblers and Mandles are traditionally made in the Black tumblers. If we're out of the Black tumblers, but still order a Mandle scent we'll contact you to see if you'd like a different finish of jar - i.e. clear or amber. If you'd like to wait until a certain finish is back in stock, we'll backorder that item until it's available for shipment. Please note, we'll give our best estimate of when it might be available again + keep you updated with any changes!

BACK ORDERS : We think just about everyone understands the headaches of backordered items, especially now. In the case any item is backordered, we will try our best to fulfil them in a timely manner. If a backorder item is taking longer than expected, we'll reach out to either a) refund you for these items; b) credit your account for a further purchase; or c) keep you in line for when a backorder material is back in stock! 

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