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Our Story


Since our start in 1999, Cedar Creek Candles has been an eco-friendly and all-natural company. We're a women owned and operated company striving to bring quality crafted soy candles to our customers. We believe every candle should be a reflection of you, beautifully scented and unique. Every candle is crafted in Fort Wayne, Indiana with care in small batches and using only Indiana grown soy wax, premium fragrances oil and cotton wicks. 

Every candle is crafted using recyclable glass jars, all-natural cotton wicks, organic Indiana grown soy wax, premium non-toxic fragrance oils and natural dyes. Each fragrance is blended in house and tested thoroughly before production. Every candle is made in small-batches and hand poured. With 20 years of experience, we've mastered beautiful, quality candles. 

Soy wax is an all natural product made from a renewable resource: soy beans. With soy wax, our candles burn more evenly, for longer and with a stronger scent than your leading paraffin wax. Our candles leave no black soot on your walls or along the rim of the jar. For those with children or pets, soy wax spills clean up easily with warm water. Soy as a duel purpose in making your hands soft too!

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