** Silver Travel Tins expected back in stock 3/1/21


Travel Tin, take your favorite scent with you with the perfect go to candle when you're on the go!


Why do we call them 'Travel Tins'? We as crafter and a small business owner, travel frequently and always take a small candle tin with us because sometimes hotel rooms and airbnbs don't smell the freshest. With our Travel Tins being lightweight and compact, they take up little room but pack a big punch of scent!


We've found once debutted these in shop in 2019, people loved these to give as gift. We'll say it already, stocking stuffers! A nice add-on for customers to experience a little touch, don't worry though they'll be back for the larger sizes.


Mason Jar Shipments Start: March 2021

8 oz. Silver Travel Tins:

Wholesale: $7.00 each, set of 5.

Suggested Retail: $14.00 each




8 oz. Travel Tins - E V E R Y D A Y