With all the scents of a cozy cabin in fall, you'll find notes of fresh apples, nuts and creamy caramel. Blended with honey, cinnamon, maple sugar, cider spice and warm vanilla. This candle has all the makings of a home sweet home this season!


Ingredients: soy wax, organic cotton wick, premium fragrance oil


3.5 oz Wax Melt:

Burn time: 100 hours


6 oz Wax Melt:

Burn time: 180 hours


14 oz. Contemporary Jar:

Burn time: 65+ hours


18 oz. Contemporary Jar:

Burn time: 100+ hours

Cozy Cabin

  • For optimal burning, trim wick before every burn. Ensure to not trim wick too shortly.


    Burn candle 2 to 4 hours; never leave unattended!


    If spill occurs, hot water and soap will clean up spillage.



    Please recycle jar and wax melt container after use. For easiest removal of soy wax, pop in freeze for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove jar, use butter knife to break up soy wax (slightly twist knife into wax) and discard.